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Processing steps
• The first phase after subsequent unloading olives is the defoliation / deramificazione and washing in running water. The olives are individually categorized (PDO-PGI-BIO) to avoid contamination of the various products.

 Crushing: the washed olives pass through the augers inside the crusher or mill which reduces them into small pieces by breaking the skin, and the core will form the so the olive paste.

• Kneading: the dough is sent to the ripple that through the continuous rotation and the constant temperature manages to aggregate the oil particles thus promoting the extraction phase.

Phase extractive separation
Our olive paste inside the wheel brakes for about 45 minutes at a constant temperature of 27 °  by determining an extraction "cold".

Decanter / Centrifuge: by kneading the dough is fed to a centrifuge by means of the speed and by the difference of specific weights separates the 3 products present in olives ie oil (the lighter), the water and the residue (solid residue / muddy containing pulp, peel and core).

The three products are separated and ready to take 3 different paths

Oil                ===== >>>          Separator

Water          ===== >>>          separator water plant

Sansa         ===== >>>          sansificio

The oil leaving the decanter contains some particles of water and solids through another centrifuge must be separated.
Similarly the water may contain traces of oil that will have to be retrieved. The oil separator makes possible the consumption of the final product without further mechanical stages.

Oil that comes out from the separator is then stored in a tank of stainless steel to protect it from aging and possible environmental contaminations. The extraction of extra virgin olive oil must take place only with the use of mechanical means no additives do it natural chemical synthesis.

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